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The Star of Whatever, Andrew Einspruch

The Star of Whatever, 4.5/5

Author Information: Andrew Einspruch, an author of the 20th and 21st centuries, writes and has published over 120 children's and middle aged books. Every book's topic varies; he has written alternative-universe fantasy, non-fiction about DNA, basketball, the Australian government, Australian heroes, and Christmastime stories. He is an advocate for all species and is a co-founder of the non-profit charity "Deep Peace Trust." 

Pages: Approximately 299
Book Number: 2 of 3
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Humour

Summary: In the aftermath of The Purple Haze (older sister running away, OCD sister going out to find her, going into the purple haze, etc.), Eloise and Johanna discover more of the purple mist that seems to have no affect on them while her friend and guard are stuck in jail. Both teams deal with interesting and impossible people while trying to escape their situation.

Initial Impressions: Once again, I have high expectations for The Star of Whatever! I was impressed with The Purple Haze, and although I felt it dragged on for a little while, I got over it quickly and am ready to read. Just a few chapters in, I can tell that this book flows from the last but is not a repeat.

Halfway-Through Notes: The Star of Whatever is even better than The Purple Haze! I appreciate that it's much shorter and more to the point, and I'm excited for the ending. The plot has built, the characters have developed, and the writing style continues to be fun and creative. It is clear Einspruch found his groove with these characters and the idea of the purple haze because everything is consistent and more artistic. 

Opinions: I can practically copy and paste my review from The Purple Haze! Einspruch kept up the humour, the writing level, and the likeability for The Star of WhateverThere is an unbelievable amount of creativity and, at times, randomness in The Star of Whatever, allowing it to be an easy and fun read. Because of the length (much shorter than the previous), it is easier to stay engaged and enthusiastic. 

My Favourite Thing: Time and time again, I appreciate Einspruch's writing abilities; specifically the innocent humour while reading The Star of Whatever. A lot of YA authors stretch themselves to write innuendos, roasts, or other inappropriate jokes, but Einspruch continues to write what was natural. In all of his books, are a lot of plays-on-words, bizarre stories, and ridiculous word choices. This book could easily be considered too juvenile to be funny for teenagers, but I enjoyed the break from all of the awfully written sex jokes. 
I was also able to connect to these characters very easily for two reasons. One, Einspruch (although not right away) described them and showed the readers who they were. There was a range of character types and personalities, which opened up for more people finding a person they enjoy reading about. Two, there are a lot of "experiences" or "situations" that I share with the characters, including speaking French and having OCD. There are a lot of random French words in The Purple Haze, and because I speak French, I find it even funnier. I also see myself in Eloise a lot because of her OCD tendencies, such as "knowing when something is just right." The numbers in the library "just make sense." I noticed these habits right away and connected with Eloise, which made engaging with the text easier.
My Least Favourite Thing: Occasionally, some chapters are a bit long and focus on too many plots at once. Although this may be the style of writing (that I can't help), I prefer chapters to be shorter and divided by subject. 

Overall Rating: PG
Language: PG
Adult Content: PG
Violence: PG-12

Recommended For and Similar Reads: I'm not entirely sure what other books are similar in terms of plot, but what comes to mind is The Ancients by Mike Wolff, though only because of the animalistic relations. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Shadow and Bone come to mind, too! On another note, if you are tired of the formulaic, cliche, cookie-cutter YA novel, this is for you! The Purple Haze (book one) and The Star of Whatever (book two) are perfect breaks from the silly romances and high school drama. 

Twitter: @einspruch

Setting: Western Lands (imaginary)
Publisher: Wild Pure Heart
Edition: Kindle
Publication Date: November 25, 2018

Per FTC regulations, please know that I received this title for free for review from the original author, the publisher, publicist, or a third party. I am honest in my reviews, meaning the fact I received the book for free does not alter the rating I give it. 

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