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The Light Bearer, Andrew Einspruch

The Light Bearer, 4/5

Author Information: Andrew Einspruch, an author of the 20th and 21st centuries, writes and has published over 120 children's and middle aged books. Every book's topic varies; he has written alternative-universe fantasy, non-fiction about DNA, basketball, the Australian government, Australian heroes, and Christmastime stories. He is an advocate for all species and is a co-founder of the non-profit charity "Deep Peace Trust."

Pages: 507
Book Number: 3 of 3
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Adventure

Summary: Introducing new characters with interesting names, new places with surreal and beautiful qualities, and bringing back the Wombanditos, Princess Eloise Hydra Gumball III is once again chasing somebody through different realms. After her adventures with the purple haze and her younger sister, Johanna, she must hunt for the jester that took her chipmunk friend hostage. 

Initial Impressions: So far, I have been impressed with Einspruch's other works; so impressed that I have binge-read them, and not just because they are ARCs (trust me, I've procrastinated ARCs before, these were fun reads). My only problem was the length of The Purple Haze, which is now a worry for The Light Bearer. I don't have an issue reading long books, but the subject matter mixed with 500 pages doesn't go over well. The Western Lands and All That Really Matters series is very light and humorous, which after about 450 pages you get tired of. I have high hopes for The Light Bearer, because Einspruch has had time to connect with the characters and dig deep into what matters about the plot. I'm excited to get started, and I hope this is a worthwhile finish to the series!

Halfway-Through Notes: I'm currently 50% of the way through The Light Bearer, and I feel like this plot and conflict is a little forced. I am entertained and continue to stay engaged, but after being thoroughly engrossed in The Star of Whatever, I feel like Einspruch was looking for some way to continue the story. I understand an author's love for and not wanting to say goodbye to characters, but at some point, you must. Otherwise, The Light Bearer is another fun and lighthearted read.

Opinions: I am getting tired of writing these reviews because they are all the same, but not in a bad way! I have enjoyed all of Einspruch's The Western Lands and All That Really Matters series for the exact same reasons: humour and characters. Everything is lighthearted, unique, and connectable. Einspruch has proven his writing abilities to me throughout reading these books: he is an honest author and writes with undeniable passion.

My Favourite Thing: To change things up from my normal answer of "Einspruch's use of humour," I will drone about how he improved My Least Favourite Thing from The Star of Whatever: chapter length and subject. I find that I am able to concentrate and understand what I am reading best when chapters/paragraphs are short and to the point. In The Star of Whatever, I found that many chapters were long or focused on too many things. Fortunately, The Light Bearer did not have this problem! Perhaps I was sensitive to this for book two or Einspruch improved while writing The Light Bearer; whatever happened, I am appreciative of the change.
My Least Favourite Thing: Also like I mentioned above, the length was a bit of an issue. I have no problem reading long books, but when they are light-hearted and easy-reads, it is difficult to stay in the mood for that long. The Star of Whatever was the perfect length for a novel of this type, and I wish The Light Bearer was shorter because it wouldn't have opened me up to noticing the little issues.  

Overall Rating: PG
Language: PG
Adult Content: PG
Violence: PG-12

Recommended For and Similar Reads: Einspruch's The Western Lands and All That Really Matters series is a very unique style of writing and plot. Books that come to mind in regards of talking animals is The Ancients by Mike Wolff. Otherwise, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Shadow and Bone come to mind because of the dare-I-say "strange" plot prompts. In general, if you are tired of the formulaic, cliche, cookie-cutter YA novel, this is for you! The Purple Haze (book one), The Star of Whatever (book two), and The Light Bearer (book three) are perfect breaks from the silly romances and high school dramas. 

Twitter: @einspruch

Setting: Western Lands (imaginary)
Publisher: Wild Pure Heart
Edition: Kindle
Publication Date: July 31, 2019

Per FTC regulations, please know that I received this title for free for review from the original author, the publisher, publicist, or a third party. I am honest in my reviews, meaning the fact I received the book for free does not alter the rating I give it. 

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